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Did you ever sit and think ‘what would I do differently each day if Groundhog Day was real?’. It was a fun scenario to imagine yourself in. If you had the chance to live one day over and over again to live the perfect day with no regrets. Figuring what you’ve done wrong and how you can edit that to fit your perfect vision and live a perfect day. Sounds great right? Well, I think we can all agree, it’s not. It’s exhausting. You wake up, get tired from doing the bare minimum, and repeat. And that’s been the case for keeping fit during lockdown. You wake up on Monday morning with the intention to work out to the best of your ability all week, then it gets to Wednesday and you tell yourself you’ll try another method next Monday because you get fed up, right?
Don’t worry, keeping fit during lockdown hasn’t been easy for any of us. And if you’re a gym lover – I feel your pain. But it’s okay – we are in this together. Keeping fit doesn’t mean you have to do those hour long intense workouts every single day. I’m going to let you in on some tips on how to stay fit during lockdown without hitting a rut in a boring fitness cycle.
Get your steps in
Not only is getting your steps in good for your physical health, but it’s also amazing for your mental health. Just taking a walk outside for a new change of scenery will work wonders. Podcasts have helped me get my steps in. I stick on an hour long podcast and go for a walk and before you know it, the podcast has finished and I’m walking back home. If you get bored easily, it’s an enjoyable way to stay occupied and stay fit at the same time!
If you want to take it to the next level and set yourself some goals, you can buy yourself a step tracker, or there are plenty of apps you can download which do this for you. Run keeper is also a great app that helps tracks your walks and runs, while helping you train to run a 5K.
Healthy competition 
Set up a group with your friends and see who can get the most steps in per week. A bit of healthy competition has worked wonders for me. It gives you something to work for and pushes you even if you don’t feel like getting out the house one day. You can do this with home workouts too. Here at Fit for life youth, we have zoom sessions Monday-Saturday. Start a group and see who takes part in the most sessions. Trust me – it works.
There has been a rise in people taking up running as a way to keep fit, and also a hobby. The adrenaline you get from running is amazing, and it is an instant mood booster. You just need to get out of the door, which can sometimes be the hardest part. If you struggle with this, focus on going on a walk first, and maybe you can run home after. Or get the couch to 5K app and follow that. It’s the baby steps to reach that end goal that will keep you motivated and keep you consistent.
Live workouts 
I briefly mentioned our daily zoom sessions. There are so many to join in on right now, and it’s a fun way to stay motivated and keep fit during lockdown. An issue I found with home workouts, are that they can be repetitive and boring. But live workouts are just like taking part in a gym class. You have a community together with the same drive to keep fit, and the instructors are amazing at pushing you to reach your fitness goals. Sometimes you just need a little push and help to get through the workout, and having someone helping you do that is all you need, so I highly recommend finding some live workouts that suits you!
These are just a few ways to keep fit and get you started on your fitness journey over lockdown. As soon as you know it, gyms will reopen and we will be living our normal best lives again. So use this time to focus on yourself and your own goals. Keeping fit doesn’t just benefit your physical health, but also your mental health. So be kind to yourself. You’ve got this!

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Eating healthy is different for everyone. You need to find what works for you and stay consistent with it. Here are a few tips for making those very first lifestyle changes to reach your healthy eating goals.
1: Prep, prep and prep
Prepping is one of the top tips I find that keeps me on track. There are a few different things I do in terms of prepping my food for the week. On Sunday’s I will make my lunches for the week and have them in 5 different reusable containers in my fridge. This means I can stay on track, and it is much more time effective. A big issue for not eating healthy, is that sometimes you just might not feel like you have enough time to make a healthy meal for yourself, so you just make a sandwich and grab some crisps and chocolate that are in the cupboard, along with anything else you can find.
Another thing I do is plan my dinner’s for the week. I have 7 dinners planned, which I buy food for and make sure I stick to this. Not only is this a top tip to stay healthy and on track, it also is a smart budgeting tip as you are only buying what you need for the week. Sometimes I change the day’s around, based on what I fancy that evening, but they are all healthy, nutritious meals, so it’s absolutely fine! I also prep my snacks. I make sure that there is only enough healthy snacks for me to snack on. This means that when I’m hungry, instead of quickly grabbing the odd biscuit to snack on, I’ll go for some sliced apple and peanut butter.
Once you start to create these habits, it’s easy to stay consistent and stay on track with eating healthy – you’ll feel much better about it too and it will put your mind at ease!
2: Find an alternative
Craving a chocolate bar? Grab yourself some chocolate fudge fibre one bars, or break a couple squares off it, rather than eating the whole bar. Craving a Chinese takeaway? Make yourself a Chinese fake away.  Healthy eating doesn’t mean eating salads and only salads for the rest of your life. It just means eating a bit more smarter than you already do. Finding alternative’s is a fun way to get on track with your healthy eating. Spend some time finding some new recipes you want to try. Find a fake away for all of your favourite takeaways. You’ll be surprised how much you learn just by doing a little research, and it’s fun trying out new food! Just be patient with yourself and trust the process to become consistent.
3: Ditch the jars
Have you ever sat and read what is in your pasta sauce? You’ll be surprised at how much extra ingredients are added, and it’s just not needed. Making sauces from fresh ingredients not only taste so much nicer, but it’s also so much healthier for you and might be why you’re not seeing the results you want. There are so many websites out there now that give you free recipes to try out. I use Pinch of Nom and they have a selection of low calorie, healthy options that you can use. You’ll also notice they don’t cost much and are really simple to make! If you struggle with finding time to do all of this, batch making is a life saver. Make a bit extra and split them into reusable containers. This way you can freeze the, and take them out when you need them.
4: Tracking your calories
There are lots of apps out there where you can easily track your calories. MyFitnessPal has been the best one I have used to do this. It takes a few days to get used to, but once you get the hang of it – it’s second nature. You can simply scan the food you’re eating and it does the rest for you.
The app tells you how much you should be eating once you add your personal data in such as your measurements, how active you are, and your fitness goal. For example, if you are looking to lose some weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit. If you are looking to just maintain weight, you just need to make sure you are not over eating and staying regularly active. Tracking this is such an easy way in becoming more educated about this and reaching your fitness goals while staying healthy.
5: Don’t restrict yourself
Now, when I say don’t restrict yourself, that doesn’t mean to constantly always eat unhealthy food and fall into the trap of eating this when you want. It simply means don’t let ‘dieting’ control your life. Have that doughnut on the weekend, treat yourself to that takeaway to celebrate that good news you just got, get that ice cream on your summer walk with your friends. Don’t restrict yourself to the point where you won’t enjoy life. You’ll hit a point where you feel like giving up and binge and then feel bad about yourself after. Just be reasonable with yourself and remember that to be consistent you need to enjoy this healthy eating journey. It will boost your mood and your body will thank you for it, so you won’t want to stop!
These are just a few tips to get you started. What you need to remember, is that healthy eating is a lifestyle you will live for yourself, and I promise, you won’t look back once you do.

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With gyms closing, more people are working out at home more than ever, and that change isn’t easy. Even if you normally workout at home, it’s hard to find the motivation – I get it. You’re stuck inside all day, you’re tired from it all – it’s mentally draining and that will impact your physical health and abilities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t muster the motivation to get up and do it. You can.
Your first step is to get up. Find an area big enough for you. It doesn’t need to be much, just enough for you to get enough movement in. Now you’re up I want you to stretch and warm up. This will wake your body up and tell your body that you’re preparing for your workout. Take as long as you need. Do some air punches, some leg swings, some high knee walking on the spot. Just adjust yourself to the workout atmosphere.
Stick on some music, there are plenty of ready-made playlists on Spotify, or the radio, or on YouTube. If you don’t have one yourself that will suit your workout, just find one on there. This will help boost your mood and push through the workout. It also makes it fun and enjoyable.
If you’ve got weights – great, if you don’t – it doesn’t matter. You can use anything. Go and get a few books that you can use, or a milk carton, or some tinned cans. You can use absolutely anything. I struggled to find weights online due to them being sold out everywhere once lockdown was announced, but I’ve used whatever I have at home, from tinned chickpeas, to milk cartons, to a package I received that was sat on the table in front of me.
If you struggle with knowing what to do during your workout, plan before. There are plenty of free online workouts available for you. We have workouts available here at Fit for Life Youth for you from Monday through to Saturday. That’s seven days of the week. Take your pick. If you can’t make any, there are YouTube workouts available for you. If you want a short, quick and effective workout to fit in during your lunch break, we have some for you posted on Instagram – @fitforlifeyouth. The resources and support is there for you now more than ever, you just need to put the time in yourself.
Now that you’ve taken all of these factors into consideration, you need one more thing – yourself. You don’t need a perfect, extravagant home gym. Everything else is an extra add on and bonus to help you. Only you can put the work in. What are you waiting for?

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I think we can all agree that motivation during lockdown has been hard to find at most times. But the key is to remember that we’re all in this together. Did you stay in bed for an extra hour today? So did I. Did you push your workout to this evening because you just didn’t have that motivation to do it this morning before your day started? So did I. My point is, you’re not alone. We’re all going through this, and no matter who you are, just remember we’re all taking this day by day.
In the Oxford dictionary motivation is a reason or reasons for acting or behaving a particular way. A set of facts and arguments used in support of a proposal. Think about why you’re doing what you are doing. Everything you do has a purpose. 
Here are 5 tips and steps to follow to find that motivation right now!
1: Write a list 
The most effective way I get through my day is by writing lists. Put the pen to paper so you can visually see what you have to do. Step away from technology and invest in a notebook or diary – you’ll be investing in your wellbeing to. Just take a moment to think about it. You have 101 things on your mind, and I bet over half of those things are you thinking over what you have to do and when you have to do it. So by writing these down, you’re taking off that pressure that it’s putting on your mind. Trust me on this one, it’s a life changer and will help you stay motivated and hit your goals, whatever they may be.
Be realistic with your lists. Don’t cram everything in on one day if you don’t need to, but don’t let something slip and leave it until a day you’re not too busy. By this, I simply mean prioritise what you have to do, this is much more efficient in achieving them.
2: Read over your to do list for the day
It’s as simple as this. Sunday evenings I write down my weekly schedule. Once that is done, I then look over my list for Monday. Monday morning I look over my list for the day. Monday evening I look over my list for Tuesday. And the cycle continues. This is the routine I have found most effective for me not only getting everything I need to do done without stressing about an overload of work, but also getting the right balance in.
3: Finding and creating balance
Having balance in your life is the most important thing you need to stay motivated and most importantly, happy. For example, if you wake up one day feeling super motivated and work a 12 hour day non-stop, you will burn out – it’s as simple as that. You will most likely wake up the next day feeling fatigue and you will feel worse because you will compare your mood to the previous day, and it will physically and mentally not match. A simple solution to this is finding and creating balance. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do.
Here’s a task for you when you’re writing your list. Get 3 different colour pen’s. Use one for your personal goals for the week (washing your hair, working out 3 times a week, reading a chapter a day from a book), use another colour for your work goals (what jobs do you have to get done that day), and use another colour for other things not related to this (housework, do you need to take out the bins?). Add more colours if you need to. Now each day, make sure you have at least one of each. You will notice that you tend to leave personal goals for the weekend and let it slip, but why? You deserve to make yourself feel good and put the effort in yourself like you do in your work every single day.
4: Reminding yourself it’s okay if you fail
Some days you won’t complete your to do list, and that’s okay. Yes we all have our goals that we want to achieve, but one bad day doesn’t mean they can’t be achieved. It’s all about adjusting and changing your mindset. If you wake up and immediately think to yourself that you have a long day and plant that seed of doubt in your mind that you’re not going to be able to get everything done, then all that will happen is that you most likely won’t get it all done. Next time you wake up with that doubt, change your next way of thinking. Tell yourself – Yes I have a long day today and I have a lot I need to fit in, but I’m going to do the best I can and that’s enough. At the end of the day I will revisit my to do list, and rather than not spending the evening relaxing and taking some time for myself, I will add it on my list for tomorrow. 
Spend your mornings and evenings before bed reflecting on your day. What are you grateful for? What are you going to do for yourself today? How are you going to treat yourself today? Are you going to watch an episode of your favourite TV series right now? Start shifting that mindset. Don’t let the stress and doubt tell you that you are not capable.
Motivation is about consistency. It’s about excepting that some days you won’t do as much as you wanted to. Your day might have not gone to plan for a number of reasons. But guess what – you’re human. Motivation is going through these days and waking up the next with the drive to push yourself. It’s how you grow and become better. If you’re being too harsh on yourself – stop. If you punish yourself with late nights working for not getting enough done during the day – stop. Forgive yourself and move on.
5: Sleep
Sleep plays a key part in staying motivated. Sleep is often neglected, whether that’s because you struggle to sleep yourself, or you’re just not scheduling enough time to sleep. You should be getting a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night to be able to healthily function. Think of it this way – if your body can’t do the bare minimum and function, how can you stay focused and push yourself further to stay motivated? Investing in sleep is investing in every single aspect of your life.
If you’re struggling with sleep, invest some time in improving it. Workout during the day. Being active in your daily routine will then mean your body needs the rest even more. Cut out that cup of tea right before bed – try decaf or some chamomile herbal tea. Take a warm relaxing bath or shower before bed, try adding some lavender to relax and unwind. Light a candle before you go bed. It will help you relax and set the mood. Stop scrolling through your phone right before bed. Have an hour digital detox before you sleep and take some time for yourself – maybe read a book.
These are my top 5 tips to help keep you motivated. You don’t need to follow this all today or tomorrow, just start with one. Make sure you get enough sleep tonight and wake up fresh tomorrow, and reflect on what you’re grateful for. Then the next day, start writing basic to do lists, and keep building on this. It’s the little steps that will get you into a natural routine. Just keep pushing, keep taking the steps you need to take for yourself, and stay consistent. Remember we’re all in this together. You’ve got this.

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Every parent knows that keeping your child active is extremely important for their physical growth and development. But here are six reasons why playing more than one sport will further your child’s development and give them a better and more active start in life.


(1) Different sports provide different benefits:

The skills your child will gain from playing basketball regularly, will only increase and be enhanced by playing another sport, because the extra sport will add a new set of important skills for your child.

(2) Health benefits:

Just like general exercise, different sports will target different areas of the body. So your child participating in boxing will work all muscle groups especially, the arms, legs and core muscles, their cardiovascular system mainly their anaerobic endurance will be much improved. Other benefits include improved hand eye coordination and rhythm. Playing tennis or rock climbing, will also enhance their motor skills and focus on strengthening their core and build confidence. This is vital for the overall health of your child and their physical, mental and social development.

(3) Advanced skills:

Sticking to one sport will allow your child to master that individual sport, but playing more than one sport will give your child the opportunity to master more than one sport, equipping them with various skills and abilities that they will use in the future, you will also find in a majority of sports there are transferable skills that will compliment each sport they take part in.

(4) Discipline and adapting:

Playing more than one sport will give your child the advanced ability to be disciplined in more than one area, which will be fantastic for their adult life and their journey to adulthood as they will be more suited to adapting to new environments and situations.

(5) Mental ability:

Being able to learn rules, techniques and skills for one sport is great, but being able to learn these for more than one sport will provide your child with advanced mental ability.

(6) Social skills:

Being able to work well with other people is vital for your child. Playing more than one sport will give your child the opportunity to build relationships with different children, develop skills in team work, communication and learning camaraderie across different sports. Also if your child is taking part in individual sports they will be able to self motivate and learn how to become independent and self sufficient.

So these are the six reasons why your child should play more than one sport. Playing a sport is good, but playing more than one is better. Give your child the opportunity to develop the important skills mentioned above and ultimately, allow your child to get out there, try new sports and have fun!