We are proud to have some esteemed volunteers that sit on our committee. The committee oversea and help plan strategies that enable us to keep working towards our aims and objectives. They also where possible volunteer their expertise and experience.

Mark Alawiye

Mark has worked in education for 12 years, currently Assistant Principal for Student Services in a large Sixth Form college in London. Part of that role includes preparing young people to participate in activities beyond the curriculum. Mark is extremely passionate about helping young people succeed,

Charlie Forden

Since graduating from University in 2014 with a first class degree Charlie has spent his time working as a finance professional in the Media industry where he currently is a Finance Manager for the Global TV production company Banijay. When Charlie is not working he loves keeping fit and playing sports.

Holly Moorhead

Holly is 19 years old and currently studying Youth Studies at a London University. Being a Fit For Life Youth CIC Committee member has enhanced her interest in working with young people. Holly’s passion will always be for sports, being a committee member allows her to ensure that other young people like her are able to access sport, health, fitness and mentoring.

Pattrina Quashie-Ferguson

Pattrina has worked with children and young people in community and school based settings for 17 years. She is an advocate for children and young people’s right to play, thrive and develop. Working for a grassroots community center based in north Kensington Pattrina is resourceful and has the knowledge to assist Fit For Life Youth CIC with supporting each young person to achieve the best in their life long journey with health, fitness and wellbeing

Paul Lamolony

My Name is Paul. I work in post production and fashion, I also do sports photography outside of my day job. I am from London , and grew up in North Kensington. I love my community and I love giving back wherever. As a committee member I want to help guide the organisation to deliver on its objectives.

Oceana – Skye Campbell

From a very young age I have learnt and competed in a wide number of sports including, football, gymnastics and athletics. It is due to my enjoyment and experience in sport that I recognise the valuable work that Fit For Life Youth are doing and why I decided to become part of the Committee. I have recently started studying for a BA Honours Degree in Sociology, I am also training as a lash technician and have set up In my own business selling fashion apparel for my brand Furr Fection.