Our coaching team comprises of coaches from different sporting and fitness backgrounds. All of our coaches thoroughly enjoy coaching children and young people and fully understand the impact that sport can have on the direction of a child’s life. All of our coaches are fully DBS checked, qualified and have vast experience in working with children and young people, our coaching team are also trained on safeguarding and first aid.


Christopher Herbert

Christopher has worked with children and young people for over 15 years in many different capacities ranging from and including mentor, play leader and sports coach. Over his career he has amassed various qualifications in Football, Boxing, Fitness training and Play Work to accompany his BA Honors degree in Sports Management as well as invaluable experience working within schools and community organisations in Kensington & Chelsea.
Christopher’s desire and passion is the fuel that drives Fit For Life Youth, his mantra of inclusive sport has shaped the philosophy for all the good work that is done with the children and young people that participate in our programs.

Ambassador coordinator & Mentor

Justin Baptiste

Justin comes from a varied sporting background having studied physical education from a young age. Completing his National Diploma in Sports Science. To accompany his degree in PE In The Community which reinforced his passion in not only participating but all aspects of professional coaching. Devoted to Football, Justin also enjoys boxing, tennis and athletics and completes fitness sessions three times a week.


Jeff Nembhard

Jeff has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years with a range of organisations.
He has worked with children, teenagers and older adults alike. In this time he has gained various qualifications including personal training, Boxing, sports coaching, older adults, people with disabilities, first aid at work & nutrition. He specialises in core strength training, group exercise, circuits, British military fitness training and padwork for boxing.

Jeff has a never give up attitude and takes pride in helping people to get into fitness and achieve their goals. Some people have even become trainers through his passion, motivational skills and dedication to the fitness industry.

Sports Coach

Andre Baptiste

Andre is a highly valued member of the Fit For Life Youth Team. He is a young hard worker who loves to work with children and young people, helping them to push toward and exceed their targets. Although he is young himself Andre is very mature and a naturally confident person, hence why younger people gravitate to him and see him as a role model. Andre loves to spread positivity around and pass on knowledge to the younger people to combat the negativity in the world.


Jamie Moorhead

Jamie is 17 years old and the first apprentice for Fit For Life Youth. Jamie has transitioned through our programmes since the age of 9 years old firstly as a participant and eventually as a volunteer. His passion for sports and for being part of a community active group that inspires others is what gave him the ambition to become part of the team. His apprenticeship is helping him to develop into a more confident person.

Jamie loves to work with children and young people and encouraging them to be active through sports, he wants to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. Jamie has achieved his GB Boxing Tutors Award and through his apprenticeship will will gain valuable skills and coaching qualifications that will help him in his career in coaching.

Sports Coach

Leonardo Leite

Leonardo is 19 years old and is currently on his gap year training as a boxer and working as a sports coach. Working for Fit For Life Youth has taught Leonardo the value in enhancing his skills by teaching it to someone.

Leonardo has always had a variety of passions ranging from music to sport, which helps him encourage children who are new to the sport by being relatable and approachable. Since schooling from primary through to college in West London and growing up in Kensington and Chelsea Leonardo feels he has a sense of responsibility to give back to his community and help give other young people the confidence and drive to be positive and move forward in their lives.

Boxing Coach & Fitness Trainer

Hal James Oliver

Jimmy has worked, trained and been involved in the Boxing scene all over England from Southampton, Portsmouth, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield. Working with Children, teenagers and Adults from all different walks of life and backgrounds.

He has worked with many different organisations incorporating boxing as a means to communicate transferable skills over to life outside the boxing ring. Learning discipline, respect, confidence, independence and hard graft.

He has gained various qualifications including sports coaching, England Boxing, Boxing and fitness training, first aid at work and child safeguarding.
Specialising in Boxing fitness & conditioning, Group exercise circuits and British Military fitness training having spent time training with the British Royal Marines and the British Army infantry.’

Funding and partnerships coordinator

Krystal Frimpong

Krystal Frimpong is a British born Ghanaian currently working in the Construction and Building Management industry. Krystal has a BA honours in Marketing and Media and is a social activist who has worked in the criminal justice system and mentored young children from various backgrounds and is passionate about supporting young people to fulfil their limitless potential. In her spare time Krystal bakes and supports with event management as well as contributing to documentaries and podcasts. Krystal is focused on a diverse and inclusive community that fosters progress.

Kickstart Administrator & Digital Media Assistant

Ariane Ngunza

Ariane Ngunza is 23 years old and from East London. She is currently studying drama at Identity School of Acting (IDSA). She is hardworking and dedicated to working and representing Fit For Life Youth CIC in the best way. Working at Fit For Life Youth is enabling Ariane to develop skills that could be useful to her in life and gain invaluable experience. Her hobbies include watching movies, documentaries, listening to music and podcasts that develop her faith and develop her as a person.



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We aim to make a visible impact of each child’s fitness levels and sporting ability, we aim to educate them and encourage healthy lifestyle choices and habits that will benefit them throughout their life


We aim to leave a sporting and fitness legacy within every child or young person. We want to inspire them into continuing sport and fitness throughout their lives. We are focused on motivating them to see the benefits and rewards of leading a healthy lifestyle, this will in turn increase their quality of life.


It is paramount to us that all participants enjoy themselves whilst taking part in our sessions or programs. We take a playful approach to health and fitness and intertwine this within the work we do.


Every child has the opportunity to take part regardless of ability age, gender, family situation or any other factors that may act as an obstruction